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We’re always looking for reputable vendors to connect with our customers.

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The benefits of a partnership with Our Stress Free Wedding

  • Connect directly with all of your event clients
  • Connect with all of the other vendors associated with the event
  • View all of your events from one dashboard
  • Share documents with each client and other vendors
  • Get notified quickly when your services are needed
  • Black-out certain times and dates so there's no question of your availability
  • Your own web pages at a very affordable rate
  • Options to upgrade your web pages at any time (coming soon)

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If you would like your business to potentially be part of Our Stress Free Wedding, we just need a few details to get started. This DOES NOT obligate you to join, nor does it automatically mean you are part of Our Stress Free Wedding. By providing this information, we will contact you directly so we can answer all of your questions and get to know each other!

By registering with us now, we will be waiving the setup fee completely!

That’s a savings of up to $975!!

You’re only cost is our monthly membership fee of $75 per month (upon approval.)

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