Frequently Asked Questions



Why use Our Stress Free Wedding?

This system was created by people who have worked in the wedding industry for over 30 years.

  • If you work in the wedding industry, let us show you why we are different!  Vendor Presentation
  • If you are a couple trying to find the most stress free way to plan your big day, click here: Couples Presentation

Our goal is to provide you with all the planning tools you need to create the PERFECT DAY all in one simple place.


Why can I trust the vendors found here?

  • Before we allow ANY vendor to be added to Our Stress Free Wedding, they go through a complete background check.
  • Our staff of wedding professionals contact their most recent clients and get their reviews of the vendor! If the vendor reaches our standard of excellence, we allow them to be part of the Our Stress Free Wedding family!
  • Our goal is to help remove the stress of the unknown for you!


What makes Our Stress Free Wedding different?

  • Learn more about what we can do for you!  Couples Presentation
  • We pre-qualify all of the professionals listed here to help reduce the stress of the unknown.
    •  We have done complete background checks with some of their former clients to make sure they treated them well!
  • We have created a simple to use Communication Hub for you to stay in touch with your vendors & wedding party!  Everyone you need to talk to, in one simple to use place!
  • We have taken almost every aspect of planning your reception and put it one simple to use place.
    • Vendors
    • RSVP's
    • Time lines
    • Budgeting
    • Schedules
    • Hotel Accommodations   
    • Gift Registery
    • Your own personal webpage to keep EVERYONE up to date



  • If you work in the wedding industry, take just a few minutes and learn more here!  Vendor Presentation
  • If you're a couple, watch this!  Couples Presentation
  • A Stress Free day is built around COMMUNICATION!!!
  • Through our system you can communicate directly with ALL of your OSFWedding vendors in one simple to use place!
  • Imagine not stressing about if your photographer has spoken to your DJ about your first dance for example?  Thanks to your Communicaton Hub, you’ll know!!!



Why should I become a vendor?

  • Take just a few minutes and learn more here!  Vendor Presentation
  • Being a Vendor with Our Stress Free Wedding means being part of a network of professionals dedicated to making a brides day THE MOST AMAZING day of their life!
  • We treat every listing equally – that means no one can “outspend” you to make sure they get seen and you don’t.  Our listings will rotate with each viewing so EVERY Vendor has an opportunity to be seen.
  • You will be part of the most unique communication system in the wedding industry! 
  • Your listing will have 3 unique "looks" which will allow future clients to get a much better "feel" for what you can do for their big day!


Communication with your Brides & her Vendors

  • Take just a few minutes and learn more here!  Vendor Presentation
  • We have created an industry unique communication hub where you will be able to “chat” directly with your bride as well as ALL of the other Our Stress Free Wedding vendors that are part of her day!
  • You will receive notifications of any new posts in your communication hub which will allow you to immediately respond to your bride or other vendors for the big day.


From the day they say yes, to the day they say “I do” you will be able to communicate directly with every Our Stress Free vendor involved!


What do I get with my listing?

  • Here is the fastest way to learn a whole bunch about us!  Vendor Presentation
  • Every listing comes with 3 specific “Looks”.
    • Your first look is a general listing laid out in a format that brides will easily see and understand. Every listing is broken down by category and will rotate so one day you might be first, the next 3rd and so on so EVERY vendor will get an equal view!
    • Your second “Look” is a Quick View screen. From this screen you can share some more detailed information about your services. Our brides have the option to email, call or even add you to her “favorites” for further review at a later time so she can take her time and keep better track of the vendors she is considering!

From your Quick View screen, our bride can open a Full Profile view. This will load 3 full screens all about you!

  1. An overview of who you are and what you do
  2. Reviews from past clients
  3. Contact us

You can upload pictures, imbed links to YouTube or other mediums for video, links to your website and all your social media!

Through your personal portal you will be able to

  • See how many brides are looking at your listings
  • Communicate with all of your Our Stress Free Wedding bride’s and their OSFWedding vendors!
  • List your availability
  • Assign staffing
  • Travel area
  • Pricing and so much more!!



What is this going to cost me?

NOTHING AT ALL!!  All of Our Stress Free Wedding tools are FREE FOR YOU TO USE!!!!


What do we get for registering?

We’re sure you have seen plenty of future brides lug around their giant bridal binder full of notes, contact information, schedules, check lists and so much more!  We’ve created your own DIGITAL bridal binder – everything you need is right here! (and your phone or laptop will be much easier to carry!)

  • If you're planning your big day, watch this!  Couples Presentation
  • Once we go live you can create your guest list and send them an invite to RSVP to your event.
  • You can directly invite guests individually or even send a mass update invitation to ALL of your guests!
    • If you forgot to invite someone after sending your mass invite, don’t worry – you can invite individuals even after you’ve sent your first mass invite.
  • You can also designate certain guests to be part of the Wedding Party, this will come in handy when creating your checklists!
  • Your guest list view is also a quick way to look at who’s been invited and who has yet to RSVP to your wedding, your reception or both and how many guests they are bringing!
  • Better yet, if your guests register, you can communicate with them directly – all in one place.


  • Keep track of your overall budget and input per-item budgets – and then update your budget with actual costs to see a running total as it relates to your starting budget.

Time Lines & Schedules

  • You can let each of your guests know when and where to show up for pictures, you can let your groomsmen know when and where to return their tuxes – the possibilities are almost limitless! Being able to keep your wedding party up to date by using your checklists with your Communications Hub will go a long way in helping to reduce even more stress for you!!

Finding your PERFECT vendor

  • The security in knowing that EVERY vendor you find here has gone through a complete and thorough background check with their previous brides to make sure they treat your day the way it DEMANDS to be treated!
  • Having multiple ways to learn more about each vendor.
  • SAVING a potential vendor to your "favorites" so you can go back and review them in more detail later.
  • COMMUNICATING will ALL of your OSFWedding vendors in one simple to use portal!


After the big day.....

What happens after the big day?

Our Stress Free Wedding wants to help your new lives together begin as stress free as possible AFTER your big day!!

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Insurance
  • Banking & Financial Planning
  • Legal help for
    • Estate planning
    • Wills
    • Living wills
    • Trusts
    • Medical and financial power of attorney
    • Guardian and conservatorships;
    • Name changes for adults and children;
    • Property deeds; other family law matters.

After the big day.....